Students cycle for ‘Right to Play’

Joe Mclean

GLASGOW UNI STUDENTS Charlotte Slaymark, Chris Millar and Donnie Moonie are cycling to the Sahara Desert to raise money for the charity ‘Right to Play’.

The team have been hard at work planning their big adventure over the last two months and this preparation has paid off, as they have been awarded a grant from GUSA’s Chancellor’s Fund. This was a welome boost to the students as they prepare to embark on their epic journey.

Elsewhere on the planning front they have received valauable route advice from John Briggs in the Department of Geography, alongside potential sponsorship for equipment and, most importantly, 15% of the team’s target has already been reached for fundraising.

Charlotte Slaymark told Guardian: “We would like to say a big thanks to all who donated, the donations are a real encouragement to the group. The donations are such a boost to get us to the gym everyday, but more donations are always welcome and it would be good to see the students at the University support this worthy cause.”

Overall the training has been going well for all in the team, withCharlotte enthusing that they are hoping to plan a ‘24 hour’ fundraising cycle. They will be setting up on ‘turbo trainers’ that allow the team to use their own bikes to sit on for the duration of the fundraiser, getting a very good idea of what a day in the saddle could be like.

Charlotte emphasised that support and donations for this event and the whole journey are very welcome – even sponsoring them 1p a mile could help fund activities by Right to Play.

Donations to Right to Play are used for Holistic Child Development, HIV/AIDS education, Peace Games and Community Play Days as well as Immunisation Campaigns.

Fore more information visit facebook: Cycle2sahara or email: [email protected]


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