A look back at the Hetherington eviction (March 22)

Perhaps the biggest story on-campus of 2010/11.

On March 22nd 2011, Police moved in to remove demonstrators who, since February 1st, had been occupying the Hetherington Research Club. In protest, they and other students went a few yards up the road and occupied the Senate Corridor of the Main Building.

A lot of photos were taken, so (in order to show off the new glasgowguardian.co.uk full-width photo pages!) here is a selection.

Campus security arguing with an occupier (photo by Sean Anderson)

Police prevent passage along the side of 13 University Gardens (photo by Sean Anderson)

By lunchtime there was a substantial crowd outside (photo by Gavin Reynolds)

An occupier sits defiantly on the back-gate entrance to 13 University Gardens (photo by Gavin Reynolds)

Occupiers being taken out through the back door (photo provided courtesy of the Glasgow Hack Picture Desk)

An occupier is kindly escorted out the back-gate entrance of the Hetherington Research Club (photo by Sean Anderson)

No one could say why dogs were deployed... (photo by Sean Anderson)

A dog branch Police vehicle on University Avenue (photo by Sean Anderson)

Another occupier is removed via the back gate-entrance of 13 University Gardens (photo by Sean Anderson)

Despite resistance, the occupiers were expelled from 13 University Gardens. A large group of people who had been watching the afternoon's events made their way to the Main Building (photo by Gavin Reynolds)

Protesters make their way up to the cloisters (photo by Gavin Reynolds)

A standoff with security in the cloisters (photo by Gavin Reynolds)

Protesters, soon to be occupiers of the Main Building, find their way to the Senate Corridor (photo by Jonathan Nicholson)

Protesters celebrate their claim to the Senate Corridor (photo by Gavin Reynolds)


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