In a story first published by qmunicate, the QMU’s magazine, emails obtained through Freedom of Information laws show that SRC President Stuart Ritchie has suggested keeping the SRC's Vice President Media & Communications, Iain Smith, in the dark.

Let’s try and meet more often – without Iain might be a good idea. I don’t always like the media man who lives [...] at the QMU to know everything under discussion.

Sources close to the SRC have suggested that tensions between the sabbatical officers had been running extremely high during the early months of their term in office, a position only bolstered by this collections of emails. Those same sources now speculate that there are serious “trust issues” at the top of the organisation.

In addition to tensions between the GUSRC Sabbatical Officers, the emails also indicate the close relationship between Ritchie and other members of the SMG. In an email to David Newall, dated 22nd July, Ritchie appears to be passing information on the Hetherington occupation to the Secretary to Court. It reads:

Just a quick heads-up. The hetherington[sic]. Intend to discuss and publish details of your meeting today.

Former members of the Occupation criticised Ritchie’s apparent informing on their activities stating:

It would be better if our President were to challenge the University on behalf of the students he claims to represent, 3,000 of whom marched against the University, rather than acting as an informant. If this is how the SRC is to be run during 2011-12, then we shouldn't expect much from the much acclaimed “legitimate” voice of students.

Iain Smith, the subject of Stuart’s email, told qmunicate that he was “unaware” of the emails. Both Stuart and Iain declined to comment to us on the matter.


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OldGraduateandStaff says:

SRC makes the occupation look like a place of calm and reason.

Don’t try and emulate backstabbing management unless you’re good at it.

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