• Part 1: it will be “MyCampus, but not as we know it”
    The issues which made the implementation of MyCampus almost farcical when it launched in September should be resolved by the beginning of the next academic year, according to the university’s vice principal of learning and teaching, Frank Coton.
  • Part 2: staff feedback to MyCampus
    “A really dreadful system that has caused me and my students so much grief, wasted hours of time and still seems unfit for use.”
  • Part 3: Inside Story: life at the MyCampus helpdesk
    “Within the first couple of days queues were short, but nothing prepared our crew of half a dozen ‘Student Guides’ with high-viz jackets for the onslaught which was about to commence.”
  • Part 4: “Case Study – Glasgow University: How To Make the Worst of Software Changeovers”
    “Hello, and welcome to the 2011/12 edition of Bureaucracy and You, your one-stop shop for maximising inefficiency, alienation and teeth-grinding rage among your consumers.”

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