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This year will see GUSA continuing with the Chancellor’s Fund for Sport. The Chancellor’s Fund for Sport is a fund given by the University to assist students in partaking in projects that they wouldn’t normally be able to do.

Just last year the Chancellor’s Fund funded some exciting projects that would normally be out of reach for most. These projects included mountaineering trips to the Alps, a road cycle from Paris to Berlin and Glasgow University’s Men’s Basketball Club travelling to Canada.

Chris Millar is one such person who has benefited greatly from the excellent opportunities that the Chancellor’s Fund can provide. I spoke to Chris about his experiences with the Chancellor’s Fund. “Last summer three friends and I took on the challenge of a lifetime – cycling from Glasgow University to the Sahara Desert in order to raise money and awareness for a children’s charity.”

When asked how the Chancellor’s Fund helped his journey, he discussed how the trip was “a once in a lifetime opportunity never would have been possible had it not been for The Chancellor’s Fund which allowed us to purchase essential equipment required for the expedition including bicycle maintenance, camping gear and our return travel home. Being four students, each with a minimal income, the Fund supported us in being able to get out there and tackle the project of our dreams!”

Stuart Law, GUSA’s finance convenor describes it as” a great way for the University to assist students to undergo a project in which they wouldn’t be able to in normal circumstances”.

Does the Chancellor’s Fund sound like something you would be interested in?  GUSA will be taking applications for grants when university resumes in January. So if you have any queries about the Chancellor’s Fund then do not hesitate to contact Stuart at [email protected].


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