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During Freshers’ Week, Rudi’s Cafe gave me a free cotton shopping bag and entered me into a contest to win a year’s worth of coffee. I didn’t win, which is a shame and it turned me away from Rudi’s for a while. Which is another shame. The atmosphere is cosy, it’s busy, the staff are friendly and it’s almost on my home campus of Glasgow University. Perfect for a quick coffee or lunch. Moreover they’ve got fair prices: 25% off food for students with a matric card and you can also upgrade the size of your coffee for free.

You can go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner and they’ve got a BYOB policy: pretty cool. The menu is what you’d expect from a cafe… soup, wraps, stone baked pizzas, stews, salads and some deli sandwiches. They’ve got a meal deal as well that you can get for less than a fiver with your student ID which includes soup and half a deli sandwich. Not bad. By the time I got there, the promising parsnip soup was gone, which meant no meal deal for me. I decided to go with the Moroccan wrap which came with a little salad and tortilla crisps on the side – very good tortillas I have to say. The wrap was slightly under seasoned and no lime mayo flavour, but generally OK, definitely worth the amount that I’ve paid.

They also offer a huge selection of drinks, from general coffee choices to smoothies and speciality teas. They’ve got different cakes and pastries on the counter which all look very good or you can pick something from the dessert menu which offers waffles, brownies and ice cream sundae. Overall, Rudi’s is a nice place, with several options for both meat lovers and vegetarians and it really hits the spot.

Rudi’s Cafe
16 Cresswell Lane
G12 8AA


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