Marcus Peabody

First place went to Glasgow’s Alex Gorham, who climbed the hardest route after almost no time at the wall. Edinburgh University’s Natalie Berry finished in similar style, showing up less than two hours before the call in for score cards, but still achieving the top score in her category.

Each climber was scored on three attempts on each of the 20 progressively harder routes. The field was well separated with a wide range of abilities and experience present. Hopefully this event served as a good warmup for the BUCS climbing competition in March.

The competition is run under the banner of SSS - Scottish Student Sport. However, this round was organised entirely by students from various mountaineering clubs across Scotland after SSS were entirely unresponsive to calls and emails during the planning and organisation stages of the event.

As a result there is discussion about whether future rounds will continue to operate as part of SSS, or if instead the competition will become an independent entity. At present it is not apparent how affiliation to SSS benefits Scottish student climbers.

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