SRC 2012 interviews VPMC: Adam Campbell

A former Glasgow Guardian news editor and currently a member of the SRC reception staff, Campbell’s knowledge of the SRC’s internal working is unparalleled in this contest. But without a firm base of support on campus does he have the resources to make a dent in this election?


Guardian: Do you think the SRC is effective in communicating with over 20,000 students and if not what needs to be done?

Campbell: I think that there are many channels of communication open to the SRC; whether they are all used effectively is another matter. What I would like to do is target the communication more, the student body should not be treated as homogenous and so different methods of communication may appeal to different sectors. I don’t have any magical answer to solve this issue, I will ask students for their opinions on the matter, to see if together we can find an answer.

Guardian: The SRC is beginning to discuss separating itself from the student media bodies and setting them up as clubs & societies, This will ensure editorial freedom but place them in a less secure position in terms of finances and resources. Do you think this is the best course of action?

Campbell: I think there is an issue with that question: editorial independence is something you either have, or don’t have, it doesn’t increase by degrees. I think this was demonstrated by the Glasgow University Guardian this year, as it was highly critical of the SRC in the wake of Stuart Ritchie, something that wouldn’t have been possible if student media at the SRC was anything less that editorial independent.
I can see the benefits to the SRC as an organisation of putting student media in the same bracket as clubs and socs, but I am against it. The SRC’s student media is some of the finest in any university, and I feel this should not be hampered by imposing tighter financial constraints on them.
I am aware that the student media will face budget cuts in the coming year, but I believe that this awareness will enable the incoming media heads to prepare for this. The media groups are unlike any other Club or Society in the traditional sense, as they can attract extra income through advertising and events. Ultimately I feel that the guidelines for Clubs and Societies would not fit any of the media groups.

Insider Odds

With a background in media and a unique experience from amongst the candidates on how the SRC actually works you can’t rule Adam out, but strong competition make a victory unlikely.


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