SRC 2012 interviews: Chizzy Chisholm

A quick read of Chizzy’s manifesto quickly reveals that (shock-horror) somebody perhaps isn’t taking the entire process quite as seriously as everybody else. His comic leanings shouldn’t fool you though, having served as the QMU’s honorary assistant secretary he has a large support base. The chances of this joke becoming a reality aren’t to be ignored. Oh and just so you know – if he wins he promises to do the job.


With Chizzy, we only had one question.

Guardian: Your campaign is clearly a joke. Once you had published the manifesto online, got some publicity on Glasgow Hack and had a laugh, why did you then decide to formally stand?

Chisholm: I submitted my candidacy just simply to see what would happen. The life of a postgrad gets quite boring and I think my manifesto gives a bit of comic relief from the whole election season. Its a bit of laugh really and instead of people hating my poor craic they were keen for me to run on the basis that this banter was fresh and moist.
I am also running because I firmly believe party gondolas are the way forward and carrier owls instead of
MyCampus just makes sense. That as we say is Chizzy.

Insider Odds

Whilst clearly a joke candidate this campaign has garnered the most responses online so far. Will this support turn out on the day? What would happen if he did win? Stay tuned to find out as this week progresses.


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