SRC 2012 interviews VPMC: Craig Angus

Angus’s background in campus politics is as a former GUU events convener. Facebook has him as the clear front runner in this election. Although he lacks the obvious experience in student media of the other candidates in the race his experience in events promotion has the potential to bring an interesting skill set to the job.

Guardian: You have a background in event promotion and design, do you think that this gives you an edge over the other candidates and do you think this is a key skill for VP-Comms?

Angus: The ability to design inventive promotional material is crucial towards being able to do this job properly. There’s so much that happens in the life of a Glasgow University Student, you’re really having to fight to get the attention of people. What I will say is that i’m confident in my ability to capture the imagination of the students in new ways. If I’m elected I’ll take an original approach to promoting events – not just regurgitate loads of memes (although some of them are funny) and make loads of KEEP CALM AND DO THIS THING posters.

Guardian: You’ve talked about using part of your salary to run events in the unions for charitable purposes, fancying telling us a bit more?

Angus: Of course. I really enjoyed putting on gigs while I was Entertainments Convener, and I also wanted to offer to donate part of the salary to Cancer Research. I had a brainwave that I could do the two together, and if elected I’ll stage regular events in both the QMU and the GUU for the benefit of national and local charities. I’d also like to directly involve the students in this, people that are interested in getting involved with running events, and people who hold particular charities close to them. Hopefully this way as well as raising some money we can raise some awareness at the same time. Also for the duration of Movember I’ll shave my head like Ross Kemp/Greg Wallace.

Guardian: You talk about redesigning the website – are you looking to superficially change the site or are you committing to a full redesign?

Angus: I’m committed to a full redesign. The website isn’t dreadful – but it could be better. It’ll be the first port of call for many people who want to find out more about the SRC at Glasgow University and should be impressive and easy to navigate. I want to talk to the clubs and societies and find how they would like to be represented on the SRC website as well. Hopefully with some good communication everyone will be happy with the results.

Insider Odds

A firm favourite running up to the election. If things carry on as they are at the moment he should getting the promo material ready for Freshers’ Week .The only question is, can anybody close the gap to enough to make it a race?


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