SRC 2012 interviews President: Lucky Dhillon

Dhillon is part of the Our Glasgow slate and the candidate of the left in this election. Unlike many people who have held this position before Dhillon isn’t a divisive figure on campus, having built up a level of respect as a figure comfortable and capable both of negotiation and of moderating her own views. She was one of the key figures in organising many of the anti-cuts protests last year. Her manifesto focuses heavily on transparency and democracy within the SRC and on the council’s relationship with the university.


Guardian: It seems pretty clear from your manifesto that your big concern is about democratic accountability and transparency in the SRC. Is this lack of transparency deliberate or the result of an apathetic student body?

Dhillon: I don’t think we have an apathetic student body. Over the past 18 months students of Glasgow University have continually been involved in demonstrations, debates, etc. over the future of education and the wider questions of austerity. However, there is a level of apathy towards the SRC because students don’t think that they have a real opportunity to shape it and its policies. The petition calling a vote of no confidence in our now resigned president Stuart Richie set the tone for these elections and unless we transform the SRC it will become irrelevant on campus and students will become more and more disfranchised from it. Nothing apart from total transparency, democracy and accountability should be accepted.

Guardian: You talk of a setting up an agreement with university management. How do you envisage it working?

Lucky: Currently, there is no clarity surrounding management’s plans for Glasgow University. Students are left in the dark until cruical announcements are made. Last year the student body refused to accept cuts and management had to retreat on a large section of proposals. However, management has not given the assurance that these cuts, or more of the same will not be implemented in the future. The agreement would put pressure on senior management members to make their position clear on the future of Glasgow University, and assure them that the SRC has a clear position against any future cuts or implementation/rise of fees.

Guardian: Do you support the concept of the unions getting seats on court?

Dhillon: Yes. Currently there are only two student representative on court which is ridiculous, considering court is where key financial decisions are made. I think the unions need to be given seats on court but also all SRC execs. Our ability to shape the decisions at university court level will be dependent on the strength of our ability to represent all students.

Insider Odds

Being well-known and having a strong manifesto work in Lucky’s favour in this election. However a strong field and the electoral uncertainty of being part of a slate could work against her.


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Arya Bluebird

Well known?!?! By whom, except her little socialist acolytes?