Super way to banish exam time blues

[box] Bobby Holmes [/box]

What could be better for a sporty person than an intense but enjoyable fitness class at The Stevenson Building? Probably studying with exams just around the corner, but we’ll put that to the side for now!

Super Circuits runs from 1820-1930 in the Activities Hall in the Stevenson Building on Mondays and Thursdays. I tried it out last Monday so that I could tell you all about my lovely experience.

It began with a gentle warm-up consisting of a light jog and some dynamic stretches. Quickly, however, the workload was increased. There were eight stations positioned around the hall, each with three different sets of exercises. We spent one minute working as hard as possible at each station before moving on to the next one.

The first set of exercises included; press-ups, shuttle sprints, squats, leg-raises, step-ups, pyramid-runs, lunges and tuck-jumps. After this we all felt that we would be in for a true workout. There was a quick 30 second water break and we started again on round two. This set was fairly similar to the first one; however a few other exercises were introduced to work other muscle groups. These included back-lifts, lateral arm raises, burpees and the well-loved plank.
After this set, we were split up into groups of four and took it in turns to cross the gym hall in a variety of different manors, including; frog jumps, progressive press ups, lunges, and a variety of others. It was time for another well-deserved water break.

Time for round three of circuits! The third set ensured that every remaining muscle group was well and truly exercised. Activities such as side lunges, bench-hops and hand step-ups (similar to step-ups, but you are in the press-up position and use your hands instead of your feet) achieved this.
After all our hard work we were rewarded with 5 minutes of sprints – how generous. But once that was over, we went for a gentle jog around the hall combined with a few static stretches to cool down.

All in all, it was a great fitness session lead by two very experienced and approachable leaders. I definitely felt the difference, even after one session. I would recommend this session to anyone who is trying to get into shape or just interested in generally improving their fitness. Although it was testing, you get out of it what you put in. The harder you work, the more you will gain, however that is not to say you can’t stop for a breather if you are struggling! I hope that this has given you an insight into what Super Circuits is like, and will hopefully see some of you there next time!


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