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Tonight will see the the conclusion of one of the most intense months of punditry since man started selling ink in barrels. The second Greek election in as many months will decide the fate of the euro, austerity economics, democracy, the bookability of cheap package holidays to Kos, and human freedom itself.

So today I humbly offer a guide to keeping pace with the Greek elections as they unfold, and to share your halfbaked political sentiments with the internet. I will be! #Greece2012

TV live streams

BBC News 24 (

AlJazeera English

France 24

Russia Today

Live blogs

Updated in real time, liveblogs let you experience the newsgathering skills and expertise of some of the world’s best journalists, without all the relentless page reloading.

“Greek Election 2012 Blog” –

“Greek Election: Live” –

“Live Blog: Greece’s Pivotal Election” – Wall Street Journal

“Live Page: Election in Greece” –

Results map

This map will update with results in real time as they are announced. Currently it is displaying the results of the May 2012 election which created a political makeup incapable of forming a Government, triggering today’s poll.

Twitter hashtags

For ease of use try TweetDeck which allows you to follow multiple hashtags as they update in realtime letting you see what people think, almost as they think it.



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