Stay up all night, and at 4am …

When everyone else is in bed, your mind’s eye comes out for a wee look at the web.

Music to listen to …

by Shaun Murphy

1. Last Step “Sleep”
2. Aphex Twin “Ambient Works”
3. The Other People Place “Warp”
4. The sound of a run-out groove in a record you’ve forgot was still going round.

Read …

by Sean Anderson

Brain Pickings
Snopes (the truth is out there, man)
Wikipedia: list of unusual articles
TV Tropes

Also that stack of books that’s sitting on your bookshelf. Yes, those. Read them.

Places to go …

by Dasha Miller

The city is a stressful experience during the day, pedestrians, cars, noise, traffic lights… distractions are everywhere. An obvious choice is to go somewhere else, to the country but there is an even easier option. Go somewhere at night. Get some bike lights, a music player full of spaced-out tunes and cycle. Cycle back home from the library, cycle from or to the office, cycle from a bad party that you’d stayed at too long. Just cycle somewhere at night: with no cars the traffic lights are meaningless – the thoughts in your head or the music in your ears are your only distractions.

Things to watch …

by Oliver Milne

If you’re going to be up at 4am with a huge expanse of empty space stretching out in in front of you: spend the time learning things from some of the best documentary film makers.

“Why We Fight” (youtube, wikipedia)

“Restrepo” (youtube, wikipedia)

“The Fog Of War” (youtube, wikipedia)

Gary Hustwit’s Design trilogy are explorations into the importance of typography,product design and urban planning. Exploring how decisions made by designers affect our interactions with the world constantly, often without us even noticing.


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