Jump Doune the Rabbit Hole this weekend

Jassy Earl

It’s not often that a festival can be seen to be more than a grotesque and lathering cash cow rubbing it’s hooves together whilst herds of people brandish their over-priced t-shirts and salivate over their £8 burger and beer.With Reading and Leeds taking the festival baton this weekend I suggest you hop on a Happy Bus and head over to the secluded retreat hidden away in the Carron Valley at Duncarron Fort.

The creative team behind Doune the Rabbit Hole have higher aspirations than simply providing a haven for exploration and free-thinking ; they are a team that are set on making Scotland a happier place through education and developing creative skills with children by providing affordable, interesting and family friendly events. This festival is just one of them. There is a spoken word stage, theatre workshops, art installations, environmental activities and film screenings You can have a go at green woodworking, dip your toes in the pottery caravan or even listen to Tam Dean
Burn read the Gruffalo in the woods or make your own bee hive. This is not forgetting the fact that some of Scotland’s finest musicians are on the billing. Aidan Moffat, La Fontaines, King Creosote, Withered Hand, Sparrow and the Workshop, Hidden Orchestra, Malcolm Middleton, Miaoux Miaoux, Josie Long and Clout Theatre Company are just some of the highlights.

It’s only a half hour journey from Glasgow so put down the dirty old pint in the local and head for
the fields to grab yourself a slice of that cultural pie!


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