£15k Spent on Youtube Video

Louise Wilson

The University has spent £15 505 on the production of a short video clip released on the University’s youtube channel over the summer.

The video, titled ‘Say Hello’, was released on 20th July 2012 as part of a recruitment scheme aimed at both prospective students and those already holding an offer to study at the University of Glasgow. The clip centres around three students at the University, and is intended to portray a day in the life of a typical student.

The £15 505  covered the employment costs of a freelance video producer and director, and the marketing and design company, Stand. The three students who appeared in the clip were paid £800 between them.

A spokesperson from the University of Glasgow Media Department said: “Videos are becoming an increasingly important marketing tool within Higher Education Recruitment Marketing and we felt that producing a video of this nature was vital in order to keep ahead of our competitors.”

The Spokesperson went on to say: “The University of Glasgow is a fantastic place to study and we feel that the video conveys our unique student experience in such a way that’s impossible to articulate in a brochure. Videos are especially beneficial for international students who often have to make the most educated decision on where to apply based on what they see online.”

The Students Representative Council have told the Glasgow Guardian that they were not consulted about the creation of the video, and have expressed disappointment at the amount spent on its creation without their input. The SRC believe the while the clip was well-made and professionally edited, that it expressed a limited view of University life.

Craig Angus, VP of Media & Communications at the SRC, believes the video “omits much of what we are proud of at the SRC.”

He went on to say:

“There’s no mention of student volunteering, student media, indications of clubs and societies, the GUU or the QMU. I could go on, but basically the video shows off the gym, academia, and the Fraser building. University life extends beyond this, and if there are any students who don’t know anything beyond this triumvirate I urge them to explore the university or they won’t make the most of their time here.”

At the time of going to print the video had been viewed 2406 times,working out at a cost of £5.95 per viewer.


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