SRC Vice President Razvan Balaban booed after incident at GUU

Oliver Milne

Razvan Balaban, the SRC’s Vice President for Learning & Development, was booed by GUU Freshers’ Helpers at Monday morning’s Freshers’ Address.

Balaban – whose role as V-P L&D is to ensure a successful Freshers’ Week – was booed during his speech at the event which is attended by all the student body presidents, the Rector Charles Kennedy and senior University of Glasgow officials.

Razvan’s reception follows an incident at the Glasgow University Union on Saturday night where the sabbatical officer was approached by a member of the union’s security staff and wrongly accused of attempting to steal alcohol from behind one of the bars. Witnesses say he exploded in rage and demanded to see the GUU President, Davey Lockhart.

An enraged Razvan then demanded that the GUU President fire the member of security staff responsible and preceded to say he would use everything in his power to “Close the GUU down” and “Ruin this place.” Making particular reference to the redevelopment of the Union’s extension which is due to begin early next year.

It’s understood that after leaving the building in the early hours of the morning Balaban sent an email to the GUU Executive committee and his fellow sabbatical officers at the SRC which expressed his displeasure and vowed never to set foot in the union again – unless forced to by official SRC business.

GUU President Davey Lockhart confirmed to the Glasgow Guardian that an incident did occur inside the Union on the night in question:

An SRC Helper acted inappropriately and the GUU are currently working alongside the SRC to resolve the matter.

The SRC’s Vice-President Media and Communications, Craig Angus, told the Guardian:

I would like to assure all GUU members and all concerned parties that the SRC will continue to work closely with both GUU and the University to ensure that the redevelopment of the GUU extension is one which satisfies the needs of the GUU and the student population. Both GUU and QMU are integral parts of the student life and we will do everything we can to ensure that the unions are able to thrive. No one in the SRC has the power to close down the GUU and nobody will.

Razvan Balaban spoke to the Guardian to issue this statement:

I have apologised to the GUU executive for my behaviour, and while I have no role in the development of the new GUU extention, I and the SRC executive fully support the GUU in their efforts to get suitable new clubbing space to replace the Hive.

It is understood that Balaban will be subject to internal SRC disciplinary procedures at the end of Freshers’ Week.


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Scott Ramsay

Hmm… Disrespectful tone to refer to someone by their first name in sections of a piece like this? Discuss

Oliver Milne

Pieces like this that focus on a single individual like this can become dry to the point of being unreadable if every sentence begins with the individual’s last name.