Samantha Wigglesworth

Representatives from Glasgow University attended the STUC ‘A Future that Works’ march in George Square on Saturday 20th October.

The protest was aimed at the programme of cuts being implemented by the Government in Westminster. These cuts are set to have a huge impact upon the public sector, as Osborne’s budget eliminates up to 710,000 jobs in the public sector, cuts a fifth of the public sector budget and slashes public sector pay.

This is a topic many students feel passionately about as Nadia Alnasser, a First Year, stated:
“I’m here because I’m angry and it’s important that we show this anger and know that we have a right to be angry.” Others, including Fiona Boyd, Fourth Year, commented on the importance of people “uniting” against the budget cuts in the public sector.

The impact of these cuts upon graduates was noted by Colum Fraser, President of the QMU. He said:
“Students are going to become part of the public sector eventually, so these cuts are going to affect them…The STUC are showing that they care about students and that graduates deserve the same opportunities that they had.”

James Harrison, President of the SRC, gave his views on why it was important that the University of Glasgow was being represented at the protest. He said: “We need to show that cuts to education are unacceptable. The Government needs to put more investment, not less, into education and job opportunities for graduates.”
There will be a another protest march against the cuts organised by the National Union of Students in London on the 21st of November.


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