Glasgow researchers find Scots are getting fatter and weaker

Claire Diamond

Glasgow University researchers have found that Scots are the fattest and weakest they have been for a decade.

A study by Human Nutrition researchers at the University has revealed that Scots’ waistlines have increased in the last 10 years. Research by the School of Medicine also suggests that muscle mass is falling.

There were proportionally greater increases in waist circumference than in BMI, especially in older women.

Professor Mike Lean, of the School of Medicine, said: “Our results demonstrate striking increases in both BMI and waist circumference over a 10-year period in the population as a whole, and among people at almost every age. The changes are most marked among women: women now have waists 8-10cm bigger than women of the same age 10 years ago, while men have waists 5-7cms bigger.”

This study started as an MSc Human Nutrition research project, in which the Glasgow scientists combined the data from the three Scottish Health Surveys totalling 20,423 respondents.


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