Glasgow School of Art discredited by US Government

Claire Diamond

The Glasgow School of Art has been discredited by the US Government as a higher education institute, meaning American students can no longer get student loans from the federal government.

The GSA has been advised by the US Department of Education that it is no longer eligible to participate in the Federal Student Aid Programme because degrees from the Art School are awarded by the University of Glasgow.

In an email to students and Alumnus leaked to the Glasgow Guardian, the Director, Professor Seona Reid, said: ‘For many students from the USA, the Federal Loans Programme is essential in enabling them to undertake higher education. It allows them to study at the higher education institution, wherever in the world that might be, that is best suited to their ambitions. For a significant number over the years, that has been the Glasgow School of Art.’

Professor Reid is encouraging GSA’s American students to lobby their Congressmen to rethink the decision.


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