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Students at the University of Glasgow have launched plans to hold a campus referendum on Scottish Independence. A broad coalition of student societies will invite all 23,000 students to the ballot boxes next February, ahead of the autumn referendum. The event will be the first large-scale poll of Scottish university students on Scotland’s future.

Eight student societies in total have signed a proposal to Glasgow’s two student Unions for support, made up of Nationalist, Labour, Tory and Independent societies.

Michael Gray, President of Dialectic Society, said: “It’s a great idea to encourage debate and activism on campus. The result of the real referendum will impact students in Scotland for the rest of their lives, so holding our own vote is one way of finding out what young people think. Glasgow can lead the way and hopefully other students across the country will follow suit.”

Glasgow has a close relationship with many key figures in Scottish Politics. Liam Fox, Ex-Defence Secretary; Charles Kennedy, Ex-Leader of the Liberal Democrats and GU Rector; and Donald Dewar, Scotland's first First Minister, are among the University’s alumni.

The Referendum Committee includes GU Dialectic Society, GU Politics Society, GU Labour Club, GU Scottish Nationalist Association, International Socialist Group (Glasgow), GU Conservative and Unionist Party, GU Feminist Society, GU Liberal Democrats

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Liam Fox, disgraced former Defence Secretary…

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