QMU Autumn by-election

Rosannah Jones & Claire Diamond

Halloween saw the Queen Margaret Union hold its autumn by-election for new board members.

The successfully elected candidates were Kerr Stevenson, Saxon Strausz, Bryce Johnston, Calum MacInnes, Sean McFadden, Andrew McAllister and Emma Jewson.

President of the QMU, Colum Fraser, said: ‘This is an incredibly important time for the Union, and voting is one of the best ways that they can demonstrate how they’d like their Union to work. Congratulations to all who were elected, and thanks to everyone who was out on the day.’

He went on to express disappointment at the lack of interest amongst first year students but praised the commitment of some of the other candidates for other positions which were fiercely contested:

‘The fact that two first-year-designated seats saw no candidates is very disappointing, and looking into ways to specifically target first years for involvement is a priority for the convenors… It is my hope that we can stimulate more interest in potential candidates.’


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