UWS hit harder by SAAS incompetency

Hannah McNeill

Even as most students from the Glasgow University are having their applications processed and beginning to receive funding from SAAS, the same cannot be said for all students. Up to 700 students at the University of the West of Scotland may have been affected by SAAS technical issues.

President of the Students’ Association of UWS, Garry Quigley, has expressed dismay at the lack of response of SAAS to students attending UWS, who he believed have been ‘adversely affected’.

He said: “The majority of our students come from the most disadvantaged areas in Scotland and we we have a lot of students who have kids to look after. Therefore its completely unacceptable that a lot of these students will have to go through the whole trimester without receiving any form of funding. Our data suggests that we have assisted around 150 students who are still waiting for their SAAS but we are hearing that there could be up to 700 UWS students affected by this issue.

“What’s worse is that we are constantly hearing from students that they cannot afford to go to class and that they may have to drop out if there funding situation doesn’t improve soon. The most frustrating aspect of this whole case is that the situation doesn’t seem to have improved much over the past few weeks, as students still can’t through to SAAS and when they do there are being told that SAAS can’t give them an answer as to when they’ll receive their funding.”


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