Cast off the oppressive triangle and eat a good lunch

Oliver Milne

It is getting cold outside, mighty cold. So when you shuffle out of a moderately warm lecture theatre into the bracing cold and ice covered pavements of Glasgow’s streets, do you really want to walk to the nearest supermarket? If you think you do, then I want you to imagine the awful sound as you tear into that little triangular packet and take a bite of processed something smothered in ‘mayonnaise’. I don’t. So here are some of my recommendations to make sure you get some quality scran this winter.

Warm & Comforting

Warm and comforting meals are necessary in this season more than in any other. So what’s good?

Charlie Rocks
337 Byres Rd

Now I won’t pretend that Charlie Rocks is the best restaurant in the West End, it isn’t. The food isn’t refined and isn’t exactly inspiring. Having said that, what you get when you order there is solid, warm and pretty good value. The menu is filled with the standard fare you’d expect from a place which describes itself as an American diner. The Hamburgers, Hotdogs and over-filled Nachos are all of the artery clogging nature you’d expect. None are excellent but they are all welcome additions to a diet on a cold winter day. Very competitive pricing on daily specials and meal deals  – whilst hinting at a restaurant desperate for customers – make it worth a visit.

50 Queen Street & 184 Dumbarton Road

We are not good at Japanese food in this city. No. Stop. I don’t want you to argue. I just want you to sit down and nod your head. Ichiban however – along with Nanakusa on Sauchiehall street and various branches of Oko Express – makes a valiant effort. The Katsu curries are warm and sweet and the what the soup stocks lack in their own flavour they make up for by being packed with well flavoured vegetables and meats. With a fantastically affordable lunch deal and wide range of excellent sides, it’s worth checking out.

Cheap & Cheerful

Winter is always a drain on our finances, be it the ever rising price of Christmas gifts or the cost of drowning your sorrows after a term of poor results. When money is tight though it doesn’t mean eating out is limited to a quick trip to the 727.

The Crypt
77 Southpark Avenue

Part of the Wellington Church on University Avenue, The Crypt is about as unassuming as any place to grab a bite to eat in Glasgow. Staffed by volunteers in the basement of the church the food is the type of unassuming fair that you’d make yourself if you were in anyway a capable human being. Jacket Potatoes and soup make up the main stays and are very affordable. The baked goods are homemade and comforting. Tea and coffee isn’t fantastic but with prices like this you can’t really complain. Be warned though – opening hours are erratic.

47 Bank Street, Hillhead

Scherazade is a deli. A deli with a microwave and some falafel. It doesn’t sound good, but oh it is. When  they hand you the warm falafel pita stuffed with a variety of olives and salad in a brown paper bag, you will know you are in walking distance of heaven. Cheap and wonderful.

A good sandwich

So if after all this I still haven’t managed to convinced you  to throw away a sandwich, perhaps I can convince you to raise the quality of sandwich you’re picking up on a cold street corner.

Piece/Another Piece
1056 Argyle Street/ 387 Great Western Road

Very little needs to be said about Piece. It makes gorgeous sandwiches with fantastic bread and exciting flavor combinations. Go. Now.

Il Cappuccino
491 Great Western Road

A student favourite. Great fillings are often let down by somewhat uninspiring bread but what emerges is a remarkably strong sandwich shop which is well worth a visit. Coffee is also not awful. Oh – and try the Italian Stallion.


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