Views on #GUIndyRef: Richard Madden – Scottish Green Party

Richard Madden


I was born in Scotland, I am Scottish. I will be voting ‘Yes’ on February 21st.

Over 300 years ago, my ancestors, the Scottish masses, did not get a say on the future of Scotland. The upcoming referendum in 2014, as well as the campus referendum, finally offers us that chance to have our voices heard.

The reason I am voting ‘Yes’ isn’t because I believe we are somehow better than anyone else, but because I want a fairer society. In my view, this is an independent Scotland that makes decisions over the most important aspects of our lives, such as the environment and defence. For instance, never do our men and women have to be sent overseas to slay other innocent people. We can make sure that an independent Scotland NEVER loses touch with human reason in such a way again.

We can build a renewable energy industry which provides Scotland and Europe with the cleanest forms of energy such as wind and tidal. We have massive potential in Scotland to lead the world in tackling climate change. In my opinion, the prospect of having nuclear waste dumped in Scotland for decades to come is not appealing.

I would ask you to consider what it means for the Scottish to be in charge of our own affairs? For me, I want to associate Scotland with free education, a world-class health service, a court system based on fairness and a society where everyone gets a fair shot at gaining employment. Or, we can continue down the British path of conflicts that cause the suffering of millions, cuts to public sector jobs and forced labour in order to receive benefits. We can have a National Identity that is known by the world to be welcoming, caring and resilient.

Imagine the excitement and hysteria which would be achieved with a ‘Yes’ vote. We can be the country with the best businesses, the best entrepreneurs and the best and fairest University system. I dare you to imagine these things. Between now and 2015 Westminster will be cutting capital investment in Scotland significantly. Nothing can be achieved without proper funding and a government that cares about the needs of the people.

I have met some interesting, enthusiastic and passionate people from both sides of the debate throughout the course of this campaign. What we need to remember is that this is not a game of party politics. Not everybody in Yes Scotland is SNP. Not everybody in Better Together is Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat. I implore you to vote for what you think is right, not necessarily what your party thinks is right.

I want to create a Scotland that our children and grandchildren can be proud of.

I was born in Scotland, I am Scottish. I will be voting ‘Yes’ in 2014.


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