SRC President position uncontested in March elections

Claire Diamond
Louise Wilson

GUSRC have announced the candidates for March’s council election of both sabbatical and non-sabbatical positions. Two of the four sabbatical positions will be uncontested.

President and VP Student Support both have only one student nominated for the positions, a change from recent years where positions have been highly contested. Some students feel apathy towards the SRC is the cause for the lack of contested positions.  This is the first time the position of President has been uncontested since 2009.

Unless the alternative re-open nominations (RON) is selected by the majority, it is likely that current VP Student Support Jessica McGrellis will be next year’s president, and Louise Graham will be VP Student Support.

The four sabbatical positions are to be contested as follows:
President: Jessica McGrellis, (RON)
VP Student Support: Louise Graham, (RON)
VP Education: Lucy Johnstone, Oli Coombs, Dan Paris, (RON)
VP Student Activities: Breffni O’Connor, Bobby Rae, Marc Edge, (RON)

Next year will also see a slight restructuring of the sabbatical positions, with the popular VP Media and Communications being replaced by the more wide-ranging role of VP Student Activities.

Following the restructuring of the VP Comms role, some students who had been rumoured to be running for the position have since confirmed to the Guardian that they have withdrawn their plans to run.

Of the other non-sabbatical positions, 10 are uncontested, 9 contested and 16 received no nominations for candidates.

Elections with take place March 6th and 7th. The Hustings for non-sabbatical positions will take place on Monday 4th, and the sabbatical Hustings on Tuesday 5th.


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