SRC 2013 interviews VP Activities: Bobby Rae

Claire Diamond


Guardian: Why are you running for VP Activities?

Rae: For me, it’s all about the issues.  It’s not about staying in a job for twelve months.  It’s a new role so we need someone who understands the SRC, which I can bring to it having been involved in student media and with the unions for six years.  Because I’ve been so involved with the uni since 2007, I have a real passion for it.  I’ve had the time of my life here because I’ve got so involved with activities outside of my degree – it’s so much more than just a degree.

Guardian: What do you think of the new role?

Rae: There’s going to be some challenges.  Student media was a major part of the previous role and it’s a shame the consultation that was had with student media wasn’t given more consideration.  Student media needed more space but it’s good that there’s still someone here to support them, and I’ll fight to make sure they’re not subsumed in any way.

Guardian: What would you bring to the role over the other candidates?

Rae: It’s really difficult to write a manifesto for a new role, but I do have previous SRC experience, and now Freshers’ Week will be an important part.  In my research, 40% of those who were surveyed didn’t think their pass was value for money, which is such a shame because I really enjoyed Freshers’ Week.  We have different types of students attracted here so it’s important we make it accessible and fun for them all.  Because I have SRC experience, I understand the SRC but I also understand the perception of the SRC.  A lot of people don’t realise what the SRC does for them, and I think it’s important to promote them on campus.

Guardian: What do you think are your chances of winning?

Rae: I think that there is everything to play for. I think that I could have a good chance with a good campaign and making sure to be out on campus both Wednesday and Thursday. I hope to make the most out of the hustings and show people that I am the most experienced for the role.

Guardian: What experience do you have of student media?

Rae: I was Controller in 2010-11; Head of Programmes this  year (2012-13). I have produced the coverage of the last three Freshers’ Weeks; helped to coordinate the National Student Television Awards in 2010 as well as helping to write constitution that formed the NaSTA exec. I have also near enough held a position continually in GUST since I joined the station.


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