SRC 2013 interviews VP Activities: Breffni O’Connor

Claire Diamond


Guardian: Why do you want to be VP Student Activities?

O’Connor: I would love to be elected as your VP Student Activities because I want to represent all students in a role which I believe I am the best candidate for. Every aspect of this remit is one where I know I can give the best possible representation to fellow students. I’ve previously experienced two Freshers’ Weeks, one as a helper and on on the Board Of Management at GUU, so realise the hard work and long hours required for the week to be a success both in the months previous to it and throughout the week itself. I’ve worked with all four student bodies and feel I have the skills to further improve cross campus relations. I have a wide range of skills which can only be of benefit to this position and love working as part of a team to improve the student experience, which is what this role is all about.

Guardian: What do you think your chances are of winning?

O’Connor: Last year I ran a very successful campaign, therefore if I can relate my message across to the student body as clearly this year and prove to them that I am a skilled and promising candidate then my chances of attaining the position are strong. Having been involved in all four student bodies throughout my university career and having been an active member of many different clubs and societies I feel that I have established a solid base of support for my campaign and my ideas.

Guardian: What do you have over the other candidates?

O’Connor: I have experience in all aspects of student life, especially those that are related to the role of VP Activities. I am hardworking and dedicated to my work duties and will bring a vibrancy to the role as I have done in previous positions held. I have built up an enviable network of contacts which I think would be hard to beat. I believe that my previous track record in positions of responsibility is clear evidence of what I would be able to achieve for you if elected.

Guardian: What do you think of the new position?

O’Connor: The candidate elected into this new role will have the fantastic opportunity of concentrating their time and effort into important aspects of student life that have not previously been of focus. With the movement of Freshers Week from VP Education to VP Activities this encourages an integration with the other remits of the job such as student media, clubs and societies and volunteering. It is an ideal opportunity to get freshers involved in these projects as soon as they arrive on campus meaning that all parties will benefit.

Guardian: What experience do you have of student media?

O’Connor: VP Student Activities has much less of a focus on student media this year then as in previous years, with the core functions of VP Media and Communications being taken up by a trained professional. However much of my role over the past year has involved the promoting and coordinating of events by means of media so I realise the impact that it has on the student population at University of Glasgow. This position will see the uptake of the coordinating of all 4 student media groups.

Having communicated with people involved in these projects I feel the problems encountered by them are ones which I have experienced before. Funding is always an important aspect and media groups cannot function if they do not have sufficient funds, therefore the search for advertisement and sponsorship is vital and I aim to aid them with this if elected. With my help and dedication I hope to see publications being as successful as they have been previously and continually seeing a diverse group of contributors.

Guardian: Why have you picked this role?

O’Connor: I feel I have the most relevant experience and can make the biggest contribution to VP Activities. I understand the commitment needed for the role and have the required virtues of good people skills, enthusiasm and reliability.


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