SRC 2013 interviews VP Activities: Marc Edge

Claire Diamond


Guardian: Why are you running for VP Activities and what would you bring to the role over the other candidates?

Edge: I can get Freshers’ Week pumping, and I can promise Glasgow’s will be the best RAG week in the UK.  RAG week is potentially not in my remit, it will probably be Media Week, but I have been part of the debating society and am very eloquent and good with words therefore I’m sure I’ll manage to support the Media Week in many ways.  I have a lot of contacts and friends who I’m sure would be able to help.

Guardian: What experience do you have of student media?

Edge: I’m communicator and PR for Salsa for Water.  I have been flyering and writing and suggesting logos for Salsa for Water too.  I have a very open personality and can communicate in an energetic way.  I was a class rep for my marketing class in first year which was also good experience.  I’m very interested in reading the campus publications and I will make time to do that if I’m VP Activities.

Guardian: What do you think of the new role?

Edge: Well, I think a lot is still being finalised. I  think we should take a more creative approach to things such as graduate attributes, for example we should use poetry contests.  These are skills I believe employers are looking for and we should encourage this.  Competitions are a great test and poetry tests develop acting skills and confidence.  You need students to be prepared to compete because they’ll have to compete for a job.

Guardian: What do you think are your chances of winning compared to the other candidates?

Edge: Well I’ve had an international experience of Glasgow University and I’m good at organising events.  Ever since I was two years old I’ve been on a horse in charge of organising a playground of children who wanted to play games where I grew up in Spain, and because of these experiences that is why my Freshers’ Week will be the best Freshers’ Week.

If I won, I would use my qualities as a handsome young fit smart man to call up big companies and get merchandising for Freshers’ Week.  I’m not sure if this can be part of my job yet though I will say that I will try to get more companies interested in GU.


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