HIIVE closure

Sam Wigglesworth & Louise Wilson

HIIVE nights at Glasgow University Union have been temporarily placed on hold after the evening events have not proved as successful as the Union Board of Management hoped. Instead, events such as the Post-Election Party and St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza have replaced Hive branded events.

GUU President Gavin Tulloch confirmed measures will be taken to assess the future of the Hive brand.He said: “As this year’s Board of Management has now taken office, we want to give new board members the opportunity to implement their own, fresh ideas into our Thursday club nights. For this reason, we have put the HIIVE brand on hold before we decide how, if at all, the HIIVE brand can be incorporated into our reviewed entertainments schedule.”

HIIVE was the club night held on Thursday evenings to replace Thursday Hive that had previously been held in the now reclaimed Extension. The continuation of such events were designed to minimise the loss of profit whilst the GUU refurbishment was underway. It was hoped that HIIVE and other similar events would generate £125,000, whilst the University agreed to cover the expected £375,000 deficit.

The decision to postpone the HIIVE club nights was made prior to the new Board of Management being elected. Former President David Lockhart previously told that Guardian that: “The GUU has no plans to end our current Thursday night events. Re-branding is, as always, a possibility but that is a decision for the newly elected Board of Management to take in due course.”

The popularity of the HIIVE night has been questionable since they began at the start of February. The event took place throughout the Union building, which some students have expressed disliked towards.

Beth Wakefield, a second year English Literature student, said: “It had no atmosphere, it was too big a space and generally too bright and exposed. I felt more self-conscious and for themed events at the Union, I personally wouldn’t be as comfortable dressing up.”

The previous Hive club night and it’s bar sales accounted for three quarters of the £1.3 million turnover between 2009/2010 and so was the major contributor to the finances and profit of the Union. It is clear that the success of this new club night is paramount, though the University have agreed to cover any deficit of the GUU whilst the Union is being refurbished.


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