10 Minutes with: Calum Nicol

Beatrice Cook

Following on from a fantastic year of sport at Glasgow University, the Glasgow Guardian managed to grab an interview with up and coming basketball star, Calum Nicol.

Guardian: What have been your personal sporting highlights in the past academic year?

Nicol: My highlights have been being selected as a co-captain for Glasgow University Men’s Basketball Club, and getting to the Cup final. Also, I have been selected for the Scottish Universities team, as well as the squad of twenty-two for the senior men national team. But most of all, I received the Bob Wilson Award for most outstanding athlete at Glasgow University for my first year performance, which I am truly thankful for being nominated for in the first place.

Guardian: What has GUSA, as an entity, done to help support you with regards to the sport you participate in?

Nicol: GUSA offered me a sports bursary so I could afford equipment. Also, a free gym membership, as well as them helping by funding the club in various ways. They also help with our BUCS games organisation.

Guardian: Could you briefly describe your club, and your involvement in it?

Nicol: Our club (Glasgow University Men’s Basketball) is built from three teams which compete in several competitions, from Premier League in BUCS to SLBA at different levels. I am co-captain of the first team, as well as the social convener for the committee.

Guardian: How do you think the University of Glasgow can become more involved in sporting events such as the forthcoming Commonwealth Games?

Nicol: I think the university should just keep helping to develop individuals through different sports. Events such as the Glasgow Taxis Cup help promote the university’s involvements in sports.

Guardian: Any predictions for the coming year, both with regards to your club and/or GUSA sport as a whole?

Nicol: Predictions for our club are that we have been gradually getting better with games results, and hope that we can attain another appearance in the Cup Final and try and win, as well as aiming to win the play-off series for national league. We have been doing great as a team and have consistently reached our targets, so will aim higher for the next season.


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