Welcome home, John

Amy MacKinnon

John Oguchukwu, a Glasgow student who was deported back to Nigeria in 2011 amidst severe criticism, has been granted leave the remain in the UK indefinitely.

In November 2011, the Glasgow Guardian reported the story of Oguchukwu who was ‘forcibly removed’ from the UK after his bid for asylum failed in the Scottish High Court. In spite of a high-profile campaign by university students, staff and the SRC, John was put on a one-way flight to his native Nigeria, the country he had fled ten years previously after his family were killed and he was tortured by a ritualistic cult.

His case was brought before the European Court of Human Rights, Oguchukwu’s claim was upheld and he has been allowed to return to the UK. He  is now back at Glasgow University, finishing his undergraduate degree and making plans for post-graduate study.

John was contacted by the Glasgow Guardian, however he declined to comment on his return, saying that his main priorities were to remain strong and finish his degree.

The Glasgow University branch of Student Action for Refugees was one such group which campaigned against John’s removal. Daniel Brown, the former Vice-President, said: “We are delighted that John has returned and is able to start to rebuild his life; it’s a real testament to his strength. We must remember though that his is not the only life disrupted by the failures of our government.”


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