16th September 2013 - The Glasgow Guardian

Review: Elysium

16th September 2013

Patrick Goldie Writer-director Neill Blomkamp’s second feature, ‘Elysium’, is another ambitious, though ultimately unsuccessful, attempt at an allegorical sci-fi blockbuster. His Johannesburg-set debut, ‘District 9’ (2009), depicted xenophobic humans oppressing an impoverished alien species, drawing parallels with the South African apartheid.  This time a wider range...

Students to face textbook price shock

16th September 2013

Euan McTear Students at the Glasgow University could be in for a shock when it comes to purchasing textbooks for the new term, as the prices of several texts used by the University have increased by up to 300%. It is not just at Glasgow where prices have risen considerably; anyone who purchases textbooks outside ...

Welcome home, John

16th September 2013

Amy MacKinnon John Oguchukwu, a Glasgow student who was deported back to Nigeria in 2011 amidst severe criticism, has been granted leave the remain in the UK indefinitely. In November 2011, the Glasgow Guardian reported the story of Oguchukwu who was ‘forcibly removed’ from the UK after his bid for asylum failed in the Scottish High ...