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Katie Arthur

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Scrambled eggs: The classic go-to for the morning after, the saviour of pounding heads and spinning rooms, and surprisingly abundant in the West End…

Having harboured a little penchant for this whisked golden treat for quite some time now, I’ve visited a few of the many purveyors dotted around. It was with growing confusion that I heard claim after frivolous claim that I was to eat the best eggs in town. My frustration grew in parallel to the web of contention and I decided enough was enough – it is time to set the record straight. Who does the best scrambled eggs in the West End?

So, it was purely out of my good nature and will of benevolence to all mankind that I spent a good portion of my mornings trying and testing the variety of options available. The fruit of my toils is what I present to you now: a definitive top three for the best scrambled eggs in Glasgow. It’s fine – you can thank me later.

Café Zique

Located on Hyndland Street, this treasure is hidden away on a little corner. The deli-cum-café has a few hidden treats in its vegetarian breakfast (including delicious organic baked beans and halloumi cheese). Needless to say, you’re spoilt for choice – but not so much spoilt for value with the price reaching towards a tenner. A delightful little café though, and as for the scrambled eggs? Well they were really good, but there’s a poached option too that works better with the whole ensemble.

Sonny and Vito’s

Another deli-café hybrid, this time on Park Road. Sonny and Vito’s have something unspeakably reassuring in the big hunks of organic bread they serve you as toast… Speckled with seeds and smothered in butter, the £4 scrambled eggs on toast option will not only be surprisingly filling but feel surprisingly nutritious. And we haven’t even got to the eggs yet! A portion of really golden gently whisked treats seems like a never ending plateful, and allows for a plentiful toast smothering with each mouthful. In its cosy corner, Sonny and Vito’s is definitely worth dragging your mates to in order to light up those dreary mornings where you all try and piece together the night before.

Naked Soup

Perhaps I’ll be criticised here, as I’m really considering the whole deal you get at Naked Soup, but with a full veggie breakfast for under a fiver, you really can’t go wrong. Not only that, but it’s a stone’s throw from campus at the bottom of Kersland Street, meaning less far to drag yourself. A smaller portion, but all the variety you need and you won’t walk away hungry. Although the eggs vary each time, it’s part of their charm; a gentle reminder that they’re not done by a machine. Think thick layers of tumbled egg, as light and pleasant as you wish your head felt.

You can’t go wrong with many of the little deli’s and café’s around, and it’s definitely well-worth a forage. Besides, there’s nothing better than someone else cooking you breakfast.


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