17th September 2013 - The Glasgow Guardian

Eggcellent selection

17th September 2013

Katie Arthur Scrambled eggs: The classic go-to for the morning after, the saviour of pounding heads and spinning rooms, and surprisingly abundant in the West End… Having harboured a little penchant for this whisked golden treat for quite some time now, I’ve visited a few of the many purveyors dotted around. It was with growing ...

Stranger than fiction

17th September 2013

Louise Wilson The reference may be ageing – the first Harry Potter book was released back in 1997 – but the game of Muggle Quidditch is beginning to take off in Britain. What it lacks in flying broomsticks and a golden Snitch, it makes up for in enthusiasm and competitive play from both the players ...

771 zero-hours contracts at Glasgow University

17th September 2013

Hannah McNeill Glasgow University has continued to employ 771 members of staff on zero-hours contracts, despite the recent outcry against this type of employment. The number of staff on these controversial contracts has increased since April, when the university employed 734 people on this basis. Glasgow University has also continued to advertise zero-hours job vacancies ...