English Literature Building English Literature Building in University Gardens Credit: Caroline C Evans Abbott


The newly created Glasgow University English Literature Society held its first social towards on Tuesday 31 January.

English Literature was previously one of the largest subjects at Glasgow University not to have its own dedicated society, and there have been unsuccessful attempts to create one in the past. Founded by President Lewis Murray in November of last year, this new society is still in early stages of development with the current board consisting of Jenny McGregor, secretary/vice president, and treasurer Luke Seawright.

When The Glasgow Guardian spoke to Murray about the functions of this new society, the President stated that the primary goal is to help English Literature students socialise outside of class, as the subject has limited contact hours. Murray also noted that he felt English Literature students were missing out on events and celebrations, such as grad balls, enjoyed by students in other departments.

The role the society will play in relation to the actual course is still undecided, with Murray stressing that he wants the society and its activities to be shaped by its members. However, the idea of reading groups for group discussion and analysis of texts has been posited. Murray said that while he would like for the society to meet weekly, this is unlikely for practical reasons and is aiming for meetings every few weeks.

The society will also be open to those not studying English Literature, per university rules which necessitate societies be open to all students.

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