TRNSMT festival raises £120,000 for charity

Credit: TRNSMT Festival

Joanne Krus
Deputy News Editor

Since the first festival in 2017, TRNSMT festival has raised over £120,00 for charities. Over the last couple years, a variety of charities have attended the music festival to raise awareness and fundraise by face painting and collecting cups.

Glitter face painting has been a popular fundraising activity, with St Andrews’s First Aid raising £3,600 and Volunteers from Action on Children raising £2,500.  

Last year, Volunteers from Action on Children auctioned off several signed guitars which had been donated by TRNSMT and raised £1000. They are planning on holding another auction for three guitars soon.

The mental health charity, Samaritans, spent the weekend talking to festival-goers about mental health issues. 

Police Scotland Youth Volunteers also got involved by collecting 6,720 cups and raised £672. 

CEO of DF Concerts and Events, Geoff Ellis said: “We’re thrilled that the total amount of money donated through TRNSMT is now over £120,000 and that the effects of the event are reaching so many people either directly or indirectly.

“The continued support that we receive for the event is testament to the people of Glasgow and it’s a pleasure to be able to support the local community and help charities increase their visibility. We look forward to doing more of the same next year.”


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