Drama at Glasgow: what’s on stage

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Blair Cunningham
Deputy Culture Editor – Theatre

Feel the call of the spotlight? Want to see your name in lights? Live for the applause? Luckily Glasgow has a range of theatrical societies that can cater to everyone from the amateur to the regular Rachel Berry!

Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG)

As Glasgow’s oldest student theatre society, STAG’s prestige and longevity are well earned. If the desire to act, direct, write or do tech has ever burned in you, STAG offers such opportunities for all. Unsurprisingly, the wild socials and events are a famous/infamous mainstay too! What’s weeks of sweat, tears and line-runs without a messy celebration? This September STAG will be auditioning, rehearsing and then performing their New Talent Nights with the theme this year of Peter Pan (expect pirate and fairy costume-clad debauchery). Later in the year STAG hold sell-out mainstage productions, often reaching the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is the perfect opportunity to make a big impression right at the heart of Glasgow’s creative scene.

The Cecilian Society 

Representing the musical medium at Glasgow, the Cecilian society is a perfect fit for those torn between Romeo and Juliet or their musical New York equivalents. Offering the chance for an incredible creative endeavour as well as a close-knit group of artists, “open and energetic” don’t do them justice. Ever wanted to see the book of Genesis performed as a musical? Ever wanted to see a show cast, produced, rehearsed and performed in just three days? Well not only do they offer the chance to see such wonders they offer the driving seat to you, the budding stars!

Glasgow University Shakespeare Society 

For a taste of the historic, the poetic, and the romantic, the Shakespeare Society takes the stage in all its tights-and-leotard glory. Not only are the bard’s timeless works played out right here, the Shakespeare Society also encourages writing/directing of new pieces in an inspired style. Another great opportunity to meet like minded creative types over drinks and scripts; this could be the society for you!

Glasgow International Student Theatre (GIST)

A newcomer to Glasgow University’s stages, GIST offers a more diverse plethora of writing, as it translates and performs non-English works from around the world. If Shakespeare, Webber and Tennyson have started to feel too anglophone, GIST offers something new. This will of course include vibrant new socials to boot!

“GIST is a society passionate about shedding light on international theatre, allowing students from all different cultural backgrounds to meet and share their passion for the performing arts. Every semester, productions of works originally written in a foreign language and translated to English take place, involving people with any level of experience in the creation of a show.“

Their own mission statement captures it: come one come all for the world’s great milieu extends far beyond this island!
All societies will be hosting stalls at the Freshers’ Fair, and you can find out more information at https://www.glasgowstudent.net/clubs/.


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