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Renowned for its abundance of cool coffee shops and bustling bars, the West End is defined by student life. Whether you prefer a laid-back vibe or a lively evening, the various watering holes surrounding the University provide loads of different options for socialising after a long day at the library. In order to entertain the hordes of students that live and study nearby, many bars provide great weekday drink promotions to ensure drinking in the West End (unlike living there) doesn’t break the bank account.

Here are some great bars, whose prices cater for students whilst remaining top-notch places to hang out with friends and flatmates on those all important weeknights in-between lecture-filled uni days.

Hillhead Bookclub
Situated seconds from Byres Road and minutes from the University of Glasgow, Hillhead Bookclub is busy both during the day and into the night. Boasting cocktails with a price tag as low as £3 from Monday to Thursday, a ping-pong table, seating booths and regular DJ sets, it’s a great place to go in a group to break the ice during Freshers’ Week. Try the strawberry mojito - you won’t regret it!

The Grosvenor
Located above the cinema on Ashton Lane, The Grosvenor is unexpectedly huge inside. Despite having a slightly more formal vibe than most of the bars that surround the University, the drink prices remain student friendly during the week: from Monday to Thursday cocktails are half price and a spirit and mixer is just £3. Top tip: The Grosvenor has hands down the best espresso martini in Glasgow.

Vodka Wodka
Also on Ashton Lane, Vodka Wodka is a smaller, more casual venue; but is always full of students and attracts plenty of day drinkers with its great outdoor area. This is a good place to try new cocktails, some of which are priced at just £3.90 from Monday to Thursday. The “Jolly Rancher” is one of its most popular, especially if you love sickly sweet and highly alcoholic beverages. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, the “Bees Baws” will give you a boozier, less sweet hit for the same low price tag.

Big Slope
Situated just a short walk from the University through Kelvingrove Park, Big Slope is a casual bar with a beer garden and a relaxed vibe, attracting everyone from students, to families, to dogs! Cocktails are £4.50 Monday to Thursday, including classy favourites such as the Aperol spritz and mojitos.

The Botany
Just a stone’s throw from the notorious Murano Student Halls, The Botany is a great place to go for a casual drink. With a mixture of both students (mainly first years), and locals, cocktails priced below £4 makes it an easy option for a laid back but boozy night.

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