Triggered alarm ruins near capacity HIVE night

Credit: GUU

Jordan Hunter

The Union is currently looking for the suspects.

On 12 October, the GUU’s fire alarm was falsely pulled, ending a busy night at HIVE. 

The Union was hosting Groove Armada in a partnership with the clothing company Schuh. HIVE had been at near-capacity as several societies had sub-crawls and entry was free. The night had led to queuing in what could have been a record-breaking night for the GUU in alcohol sales.  

The alarm was pulled around 1.30am, with many attendees say that at first, they were confused by the alarm, as it blended with the music. Some attendees had apparently been apprehensive to leave, which delayed exiting. Additionally, a small crowd gathered around the front where the fire brigade had been attempting to come in.  

After the brigade had cleared the Union building, they allowed attendees to pick up jackets. The remainder of HIVE was called off.  

The Union has a video of the culprits allegedly pulling the alarm. They currently do not have the identities but are expecting them to eventually be found. 

The faulty pulling can lead to a ban from the Union, a report to the Senate and even an anti-social behaviour charge.


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