Glasgow declared Britain’s second friendliest city

Credit: Artur Kraft/Unsplash

Ollie Rudden
Deputy News Editor

Scotland’s biggest city narrowly beaten to the top spot by Newcastle.

Glasgow has been ranked as the second friendliest city in the UK, according to a new poll.

Big 7, a global travel website with 1.5 million followers on social media, asked their followers to vote on which city in the UK they believed to be the friendliest for tourists.

Glasgow lost to Newcastle as the friendliest city, which Big 7 claims was due to Newcastle’s “lively locals, engaging social scene and ease of access for first time visitors.”

Lower on the list was Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, which only made the 15th place.

Earlier this summer, Big 7 followers also ranked Glasgow as the 10th friendliest city in the world. It was the only city in Britain to make the top 10, losing out to the likes of Nashville, Dublin, Hamburg, and Vancouver among others.

“Glasgow makes Scotland proud with its attitude towards strangers and tourists,” Big 7 wrote on their official website. “Its warm and welcoming community add a real buzz to the city, making it a popular city break destination.”

The remainder of the top 10 is completed with York, Manchester, Bath, Liverpool, Brighton and Hove, Derry/Londonderry, Southampton, and Nottingham respectively.


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