Escaping the Library – Study spots that suit everyone

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Megan Farrimond

Lovely study-friendly cafes for when the going gets tough.

We can all admit that the library can, at times, become very overwhelming. Fighting for a seat, only to sit staring at the work of everyone around you, wondering if you should be doing more. Scouring Tesco beforehand to find anything that won’t make an embarrassingly loud crunch through the silence. But don’t worry, out of Glasgow’s 29,000 students, the library isn’t going to satisfy everyone’s study habits. So, here’s some foody (and some not so foody) places to study around the uni, with a perfect spot for your noise and/or stomach preferences.  

Quiet Murmurs

Kelvin Pocket – 10 minute walk from the uni

This tiny café next to Kelvinbridge subway station is perfect to escape from the noise of the city. Its cosy interior makes Kelvin Pocket the perfect place to take a book and your headphones and study without the distractions of the outside world.  Order any type of tea! They have a wide range of teas, which you can get in a pot to while away your essay writing.

Seb&Mili – 20 minute walk

If you’re lucky enough to live in the bustling student area of Finnieston, or perhaps just wanting a change of scenery, then the beautiful Scandinavian-style interior of Seb&Mili is the perfect option for a quieter study spot. This is the best place to combine a well-deserved lunch break and study session. Don’t forget to try their soup of the day – it’s always delicious (and vegetarian)! They also have another location closer to the city centre on St. Vincent Street if you’re closer to that end of town.

Background Noise

Offshore – five minute walk

If you’re like me and enjoy a little bit of background noise, Offshore is the best place to soak up the sounds of everyone’s conversations whilst studying (I promise when you put it like that it’s not earwigging). Many people study alone here due to the abundance of tables and comfy armchairs, but lots of societies also use it as a meeting spot, and it’s a great place to study in groups on the couches. It’s also a great place for people watching due to its large round window out on to the hustle of Gibson Street, although don’t let that be too much of a distraction! Order a chai latte with soya milk! The best chai latte in Glasgow.

iCafe – 10 minute walk

This Glasgow chain has various locations across the city, with three within walking distance from the uni. However, my favourite is the one in Merchant City, so if you’re ever in the centre or visiting Strathclyde friends pop into iCafe on Ingram Street. This spot is great for group projects or studying alone, with plenty of available seating even during exam season. There’s also a separate working area away from the watchful eye of the staff, so they won’t judge you for sitting in there for hours whilst trying to finish an essay. 

Inspiring Spots

More often than not the library can be the last place to go if you’re wanting a quick fix of inspiration for an essay. Luckily Glasgow has some perfect spots to people watch and listen whilst you make notes or catch up on reading. 

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum – 20 minute walk
Personally, I have always found public libraries and museums the most relaxing places to be when deadlines are looming. Visit during the week when kids and families aren’t running riot and study on one of the benches around the exhibitions and mezzanine. 

Glasgow Museum of Modern Art (GOMA) – 10 minute subway journey 

Another museum that is the perfect place to get inspiration whilst studying. There’s a lot more space here than Kelvingrove, with a large study area. Whilst the seating area is similar to the library it also offers less distractions and your breaks will be much more calming as you walk around the exhibitions. 


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