Three children’s charities creating partnership to help vulnerable youths

Credit: People Make Glasgow

Ollie Rudden
Deputy News Editor

Barnardo’s, Includem, and Action for Children set to team up in Glasgow to hire full time workers, if approved by the Council.

Three children’s charities are exploring a new partnership in Glasgow to help young people and their families in need.

Glasgow City Council has been asked to approve three one-year contracts for Bernardo’s, Includement, and Action for Children, which would total £615,000. 

If this were to be approved, the deal would allow the charities to hire full-time employees.

The Intensive Outreach Family Support Service wants to provide “intensive” outreach support for young individuals in need and those who are seen as “at the edge of care” in their communities. 

A statement from a Glasgow City Council report said: “This proposal, if approved, will enable social work services and education to work with the three service providers to review and evaluate a substantially different way of working with vulnerable children and young people and their families in the communities where they live.”

IOFSS said they hope to keep children and families together and reduce the need for alternative care placements to be found.

The council report also states that the significant cost of relevant services “does not achieve the care and educational attainment outcomes required for Glasgow’s children looked after and accommodated away from home.”

If the partnership comes together, social work services would make referrals to the partnership and IOFSS would select social workers to support the respective young person referred. 

The support would be needs-led and held on evenings and weekends when families generally spend more time together.

An evaluation of their work is set to be reviewed in March 2020.


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