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Glasgow Tories launch anti-fly-tipping Campaign

By James Yucel

Glasgow Tory leader Thomas Kerr told the Glasgow Guardian that the SNP have “neglected” Glasgow and is now becoming a “dumping ground”

The Glasgow Conservative and Unionists have launched a campaign demanding Glasgow City Council reinstate bulk uplifts, a service suspended in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the city begins to experience a sharp rise in fly-tipping across the city.

Since March, many residents have complained about the level of fly-tipping occurring in Glasgow with one instance being so severe, specialist environment officers had to be called to a site in Drumchapel in July after it became a prime location for individuals to dump tyres.

Speaking exclusively to the Glasgow Guardian, the leader of the Glasgow Conservatives, councillor Thomas Kerr, said: “SNP politicians in Glasgow like to preach environmentalism, but when push comes to shove they are all talk and no action. Since Susan Aitken’s administration took control, council tax has been raised every year while services are slashed. Glasgow is the best city in the world but SNP neglect has made many feel it is turning into a dumping ground.”

He then called people to action saying: “That’s why we are asking people to stand up, sign our petition and tell the council enough is enough. We’re calling on Glasgow City Council to: Restore the bulk uplift service, scrap plans to charge for uplifts and get serious about tackling fly-tippers and punishing them. Glasgow’s residents deserve basic cleansing services to return. It’s time for the SNP administration to act.”

This campaign comes nearly nine months after the SNP had a clean sweep in Glasgow at the December 2019 General Election, finishing with seven MPs in the city.

Labour councillor, the Rev Gary Gray, supported the Glasgow Tories’ campaign on Twitter, saying the bulk uplift service “should resume ASAP”.Mahari Hunter, a Glasgow SNP councillor, responded to the Tories on twitter, arguing people should be more responsible saying: “It’s always an option not to fly-tip. We all want to see recycling centres open but fact is most people have managed without fly-tipping because they aren’t selfish anti-social morons.”


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