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Preview: Subcity Radio soundtracks Freshers’ Week with ground-breaking broadcast

By Jodie Leith

Subcity’s Freshers’ Week 24/7 broadcast provides a welcome introduction for students beginning university in Glasgow during this unconventional time.

It’s undeniable that Freshers’ Week will bring an unconventional start to University life for many new students. The continued closure of many clubs in Glasgow, enforced social distancing guidelines in bars and increased emphasis on remote learning from the University all mean that the traditional Freshers’ Week will be missed this year.

But fear not! Glasgow’s Subcity Radio aims to cure any fear of missing out on the freshers’ experience with some innovative 24-hour long broadcasts over the week (Monday 14 September to Sunday 20 September), providing an introductory soundtrack to Glasgow life for new freshers’, and indeed, a welcome refresher for returning students. 

Subcity states that they will host over 60 “exceptional poets, DJs, venues, festivals, book clubs, activists and more”, and students will even be able to “interact with many of the people broadcasting live” through a chatroom feature. Subcity told The Glasgow Guardian: “We wanted to use our platform during freshers’ to bring together a really wide cross-section of the Glasgow creative communities to not only show there is so much to be excited about in Glasgow but hopefully play a part in helping some people find that group they connect with.”

The Freshers’ Week broadcast schedule provides the ideal induction to new students curious to discover what Glasgow has to offer. These introductory broadcasts will showcase contributions from Glasgow-based local creatives as well as hosting normal scheduled shows. Each evening, Radio Club Night, running from 10pm until 2am, sees different promoters taking over the radio like “local favourites” Hawkchild DIY, Healthy, and Shakara. Additionally, for the “late night weirdos” there will be nightly live audio installations and showcases from Radiophrenia Festival, Sound Thought, and Cryptic to cater to fans of experimental music.

Venues like Caribbean bar The Rum Shack and newly established alcohol-free queer venue QuTo will also have their own broadcasting slots to showcase further sounds of the city. Further exciting guests include skateboarding collective Doyenne, art space and bookshop Good Press, community-based Glasgow Zine Library, and the UK’s only accredited museum dedicated to women’s lives, histories and achievements, Glasgow Women’s Library.

Founded in 1995, the self-described “wonderfully chaotic online community radio station” established itself as an alternative to the traditional and somewhat limited options on the FM dial in Glasgow. According to their website, Subcity has remained true to their mission statement and “continues to aim for unique content that is free from commercial restraints”. Alongside their powerful creative and student-driven manifesto, the station boasts some impressive past alumni including Hudson Mohawke, legendary producer who’s worked with the likes of Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, Glasgow house star Optimo, and Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian fame, among many other musical talents.

Station manager Tom Willis urges students who would like to be involved: “We are always on the lookout for new show applications and team-members.” Tom also adds the range of roles available include: “Coding with the web team, designing the posters that end up on Murano bedroom walls, and curating the programming.” The station is keen to encourage “people who are female-identifying, non-binary, POC, LGTBQ+, and NEET (not in education, employment and training) to apply for both team and shows.” More information for keen applicants can be found at

With such a broad selection of guests showcasing venues, events, and talent across the city, Subcity’s broadcast schedule looks to be the perfect tune-in for all fans of music and new students looking to experience a Glasgow not often represented in mainstream media. Enjoy off-the-beaten-path venues and experiences, as the broadcast celebrates all things Glasgow.So forget about forking out for a Freshers’ pass! All that’s required now of new students is to tune in to the radio on the website, kick back, listen to the sounds of your new city, and indulge in a ground-breaking reimagining of a Freshers’ Week which will undoubtedly go down in history.


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