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11% of Glasgow residents have had sex in public

By Margaret Hartness

Glasgow’s public sex life ranks 15th in the UK.

New data has revealed that 11% of Glaswegians have had sex in public.

The survey by, a greetings card marketplace for independent makers, reports the most promiscuous UK cities and states 15% of Britons have engaged in public sex.

The survey was completed in July 2020 with 2,000 UK respondents. 

Glasgow’s public sex life of 11% was lower than the UK average (15%), ranking number six out of 15 cities. The top three cities were London (28%), Bristol (20%), and Belfast (15%). The city of Leeds was at the bottom with 5%. 

However, Glasgow ranked 15th for public displays of affection (PDA) out of the 15 cities. Belfast, Newcastle, and Birmingham dominated at the top in first, second, and third respectively.

At the top of Glaswegians’ expression of PDA was kissing as a quick peck (62.5%), holding hands a close second (61.1%), and hugging at third (43.1%). At the bottom was feeding their partner food (5.6%). Foreplay, kissing with tongues, and hand gestures (such as touching their partner’s bum) were also ranked lowly among Glasgow at 16.7%, 12.5%, and 8.3% respectively. 

Additionally, across the UK, the survey results found men were more in favour of engaging in PDA than women. More men admitted to having performed acts such as sex and snogging in public in comparison. 

Generational age was a further variable in relation to promiscuity and conservatism; generation X (35-54) was found to be the most risqué, followed closely by millennials (18-34), while there was a generational gap between them and the baby boomers (55-64), who were more sexually conservative.

The survey was conducted by questioning respondents to find out their opinions on PDA, asking what they were uncomfortable publicly witnessing (kissing, hugging, etc), and what they themselves had performed in public.

A risqué index score and a conservative index score were then created using zero and one based on what respondents admitted to performing in public and PDA they were uncomfortable seeing in public. The closer to the one answered then the more risqué or conservative the city. The scores were then combined to create the total index score to find the most promiscuous city.

Further results of the survey can be found here.


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