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Kelvin Way to partially re-open with pop-up cycle path and attractive planters

By Giselle Inglis

Roads are also set to operate under a one-way system.

Part of Kelvin Way will be reopening to traffic by Tuesday 29 September, providing access to Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. As well as a one-way motor vehicle system, a new pop-up cycle lane will be introduced alongside the traffic with attractive planters dividing them. The road has been closed for several weeks since May to support social distancing measures while giving space for people walking and cycling.

The one-way route for motor vehicles will follow a one-lane stretch between Sauchiehall Street to the turn-off for the museum. This one-way drive and cycle system are to ensure those who use Kelvingrove Park will still have enough space to exercise and move while still staying socially distant. Glasgow City Council said that they were keen for the space to continue to be used for active travel, as since being closed, the area along Kelvingrove Park has proved popular among those exercising.

The council also stated vehicles will be directed towards the car park entrance at the rear of the museum when turning off Sauchiehall Street, and will not be able to progress any further along Kelvin Way. The exit for the museum car park will be via a different route. The remainder of Kelvin Way between the Kelvingrove Museum car park entrance and University Avenue will remain closed to traffic, continuing to be exclusively for walkers, wheelers, and cyclists. 

The action follows the rolling out of the Spaces for People scheme across the city during the height of the lockdown for areas with high footfall such as George Square and Kelvingrove Park. The scheme works to prevent any anxiety about not having room for social distancing when exercising around Glasgow. This partial opening of Kelvin Way allows the use of the art gallery and museum now that they have opened, but will not detract away from the need for extra space for socially distant exercise. 


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Khurram khawaja

Hi all

Shockingly disappointed with the current ambition of closing this road for vehicles. This road should be opened to vehicles both ways as traffic will increase significantly over the next 2-3 months. Pedestrians have enough space to walk I.e kelvingrove park etc. It’s not as if there is a huge surge in population in Glasgow. I want this fully opened like it was before lockdown.