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FAKE NEWS ALERT: Covid-19 leaflets spreading false information invade campus

By Ollie Rudden and Jordan Hunter

The Glasgow Guardian can report leaflets of misinformation were being handed out to students on library hill on 29 September.

Leaflets with misinformation regarding Covid-19 have been handed out on campus, The Glasgow Guardian can report.

The leaflets, which The Glasgow Guardian has obtained a digital copy of, contains false information about the ongoing pandemic with false information under headings such as “false figures”, “exaggerated severity”, and “massive conflicts of interest.”

A student reported to The Glasgow Guardian that mysterious figures were handing out the leaflets around the library today and is not believed to be a member of staff or any students. An editor of The Glasgow Guardian also confirmed this group was on campus today.

One of the leaflets was handed out to the boyfriend of an anonymous student in the library today. While they were quick to realise the information was false and dangerous, they worry that not all students on campus will realise this, telling The Glasgow Guardian:

“The leaflet spreads dangerous misinformation regarding the current SARS-CoV-2 [Covid-19] pandemic and although my boyfriend and I were quick to see the misinformation, this may not be the case for everyone. I can appreciate that this is not university sanctioned; however, I feel that as it is on our campus, something must be done about it. 

“As one of the top research universities in the UK – one which is heavily involved in research in this very subject – I feel that there is a duty to not only students, but the general public, too. Misinformation is not only wrong, but is dangerous – and in, terms of Covid-19, could be potentially life-threatening.”

The student who wished to remain anonymous also made a plea to students at Glasgow to help combat the spread of misinformation:

“I understand that it may not be possible to stop the distribution of this leaflet, but I do feel that more correct information can be shared through the official University channels and social media… I feel it is important now, more than ever, to combat the spread of misinformation.”

The Glasgow Guardian can report that senior members of staff on campus, including Principal Sir Anton Musatelii and the SRC have been contacted regarding the spread of the leaflets, but are yet to make any comment. 

The leaflets were connected to a Social media activist “Annie Logical”, who has previously campaigned against 5G networks, believing that they pose a threat to “human health, the environment, and democracy.”

The leaflet makes claims against the motivations for a Covid vaccine saying “The vaccine is an excuse to force you to comply with a regime that requires you to carry, at all times, a unique electronic identifier, with which your movements and interactions can be tracked and traced at all times”

The leaflet also denies the veracity of the Covid  test, citing the Tanzanian president who used samples from a goat and a fruit and claimed that they both came back positive. There has been no confirmation that this test ever actually happened as the president never showed any receipts or letters confirming that any samples came back positive and appears to have simply stated it in a campaign speech.

Covid-19 is an extremely infectious and deadly virus that has seen a total of 439,000 cases in the UK, with 42,072 deaths as of 29 September according to the NHS.

 People have been urged to respect social distancing guidelines. Students especially have been the focus of new guidelines following spikes in cases across halls in universities.

The University has said any students that break the rules regarding Covid-19 regulations will face disciplinary action including termination of their accommodation contracts and suspension from the university.


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