Credit: Jassy Earl via Citizen Theatre

Citizens Theatre as a new season approaches

By Anton Ferrie

Citizens shares its plans to entertain theatre-starved audiences.

Following the tightening of Covid-19 restrictions across Scotland last week, whatever slow progress that had been made to reopen theatres seemed to disintegrate overnight. However, Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre have announced their programme moving forward into Autumn and the new year. Much of this focuses on the programme of local work that has become the Citz’ primary focus in recent months through their dedicated learning team, which they’ve coined their Lifeline Outreach Programme. Beyond this important work, mainstream audiences were given two exciting offers. 

The centrepiece of this endeavour is a filmed production (the first of its kind for this theatre) by Frances Poet, Fibres, in collaboration with Stellar Quines. Welcoming back the original cast from the 2019 incarnation, digital audiences will be able to experience what is described as a “re-imagined… story of the women affected by exposure to asbestos” in the Clyde shipyards. Premiering in November, it will be followed in the new year by a new film of The Macbeths, adapted by Poet and artistic director Dominic Hill. Hill comments: “Not only does this allow us to bring Citizens Theatre productions to people’s homes but also to employ artists and freelancers who are the lifeblood of our industry.” Hill was sure to stress the ongoing impact of their local communities strand, which he says, continues to make an impact: “We will continue to do this for as long as is necessary.” Tentative steps from the iconic Gorbals institution – but movement in the right direction.

Fibres by Frances Poet

November 2020

This digitally re-imagined rendering, featuring the cast from the original 2019 production, offers a snapshot of life in the Clyde Shipyards, exploring the lasting impact of asbestos in that community. 

The Macbeths, created by Frances Poet and Dominic Hill

Early 2021 

This two-hander made a Shakespearean impact when it graced the Citz stage in 2017. This time the original cast is reuniting for a filmed version. This is the Scottish play reimagined, with text interwoven by Frances Poet, and directed by Dominic Hill.

For more information on the Lifeline Outreach Programme, please visit


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