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GlasKnow and GlasHoe creators to launch new dating app

By Holly Ellis

 The University confession pages have announced the launch of a collaboration with new student exclusive dating app Hoot launching in October that combines GlasHoe with Tinder.

Two confession pages “GlasKnow 2.0”, formerly known as “GlasKnow”, and “GlasHoe” – used by the students of the University of Glasgow – have announced the launch of a collaboration with new dating app “Hoot”. 

The Facebook pages, supported by Uni Truths, released a graphic that hinted towards an October 2020 release date. 

The Glasgow Guardian reached out to the GlasKnow page for more details on the collaboration. In a statement from the creators of Hoot, the page stated: “Hoot is a dating app created by a few Glasgow uni students who wanted to create something aimed at students, that takes the idea of confession pages and uses that to help people to connect.”

The University students designed Hoot to bridge the gap between “people posting on confession pages with things like ‘Guy in the grey hoodie on the level 3 library you’re cute, hmu x’ and matching with people on other dating apps (such as Tinder, Bumble, etc)”.

The creators hope to “allow people to potentially find out who their secret admirer is”. 

The app design will feature in-app posts and the “traditional swiping method” dating app users are typically familiar with. 

Whilst the app was created by Glasgow University students, the creators want to “bring the app to as many university students (exclusively) as possible”, they aim to do so by “working alongside and creating partnerships with confession pages for universities across the UK”. 

The initial launch in October 2020 will occur across a small number of campuses. With regards to the future of the app, the creators stated that “as we improve and grow we aim to be integrated with as many campuses as possible”. Insofar no specific date has been announced for the launch. 

The Facebook page for Hoot announced that something big is coming to UofG and Queen’s University Belfast soon, and provides no further details on the impending release. 

Currently, a search for the website Hoot Dating only brings up the image of the pink owl logo and the tag-line “Confess, Chat, Love”.


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